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About Us

Who We Are

We are always looking for the next big idea or the next big talent. Is that you? If so, let's chat over coffee or zoom and find out if this is something we can do together, that we may not be able to do apart.

City Lights

Venture Portfolio

Partners. Visionaries.

We have partnered with top-tier entrepreneurs in multiple industries and sectors. Check out some of the great companies we have made part of the Pexii Labs portfolio and taken from startup


Qikio Insurance

Collaboration Done Well

We were the sole investor in the seed round, which was a huge indication of our trust and belief in each other. Since then, Qikio Insurance is an insurtech that is about to disrupt the way we view the embedded insurance journey.

Seed Investment - AUD3M

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Peygo Money

Mutual Vision

Peygo Money was one of the first companies we invested in, and their founding team was a big factor in our decision. Their huge success proved that our early-stage decision to invest in them was the right one.

Seed Investment - AUD1.5M

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Australian Insurance Company

Mutual Vision

Australian Insurance Company is the brand behind the brands. Working with multiple underwriters and many embedded partners.

Seed Investment - AUD500k

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Mutual Vision

GSD is a Darwin based specialist multi-commodity physical brokerage desk to effectively and efficiently place NT resources into key Asian markets.

Seed Investment - AUD250k

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Blue Dot Energy

A Terrific Partnership

When we first met the founders of Blue Dot Energy, we knew we had discovered something really special. Since we made our first investment, other firms have also seen the potential and Blue Dot Energy looks set to make a huge impact in the industry.

Seed Investment - AUD2M

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Add Insure

A Partnership of growth

Add Insure is the new generation of Insurance Broker - a blend of technology and old-fashioned customer service. 

Seed Investment - AUD1M

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Add Finance

A Partnership of growth

Add Finance is the new generation of Finance Broker - a blend of technology and old-fashioned customer service. 

Seed Investment - AUD500k

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